Tee Pad Status

It’s August 1st and we finally have a green light to proceed with the tee pad installation at The Pond in Painesville Recreation Park! Currently our contractor has a backlog of work and will not be able to start until mid-August. In order to make way for this project to continue, there are a few baskets and tee locations that will need to be moved. I will give details on that later, but what we really need now is some guys who are willing to help out and see this project through. Most of us work during the week which makes moving these things difficult. Since we don’t want to limit our manpower, we are having Painesville City Park dig the new basket holes and all we will need to do is dig up the old ones (four total) and move them to their new locations (with concrete in tact) and spread some more concrete over top and around the base. We are looking to do this on Saturday’s and Sunday’s. If you are willing to help, please let us know what Saturday’s and Sunday’s you are open to help in August. Also let us know if you have shovels and or wheel barrows you can bring to help make the move. We are almost done with the course and look forward to working together to complete it! Thanks in advance for your volunteer service.